Student Speaks

First student
I have experience of 4 years in Internet Marketing however I only knew about Copying and Pasting. Before joining Yorex Technologies, I have no knowledge about css and html and now within 2 months I feel expert in this work. I grateful to Mr.Nishant Tiwari to help me in making new Website of my Company and as result I got promotion.
Second student
I consider myself to be fortunate to be part of this great institution. There are a number of reasons why I wish to be part of this institution, and I will always treasure my experiences at Yorex Technologies. The institution helped broaden my shoulders in academics, professional etiquettes and encouraged my personal development as I had the opportunity to interact with people from the industry. I can honestly say that I have a great respect and admiration for the teachers here, and couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.
Third student
I can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the quality education and knowledge I gained from Yorex Technologies, Yorex Technologies through the great eminent teachers. I express my respect and gratitude to all my teachers and also love and affection to all my friends. As the logo says, Yorex Technologies - We will open the World of Knowledge for you and ..........truly speaks.
Fourth student
The education I received at Yorex Technologies is excellent and very to true to the reality of the present scenario. This has actually helped me a lot to orient myself what I would like to do and secondly, the practical approach helping me every day in my present professional career. My learning and technical skills both are developed and enlarged during the learning period. The teachers here are very realistic in polishing the student's overall personality and often provide good advice on how to be successful.
Fifth student
I'm glad I ended up at Yorex Technologies because of its close-knit nature, and that I've been given the opportunities to do so much more than learn and study. I've done hands-on research and written papers and done experiments and that's not something that a lot of people in my age get to do, unfortunately. I'm very grateful for all the opportunities I've had here.
Sixth student
Yorex Technologies has given me a jump start in high level critical analysis and it's made me more confident in my own abilities to speak with academics on a one-to-one level. My favorite classes really spoke to my interests and provided substance to vague research propensity.
Seventh student
Technologies is enriched with competent and dedicated faculty members to bring out the best in students. Fully equipped air-conditioned class room with internet, web application facilities accessible on LAN and Wi-Fi are available for students to provide them on-hand experience on latest software and technology tools used in the Industries.
Eight student
I wish to express my gratitude to Mr.Nishant Tiwari for giving me a chance to be a part of Yorex Technologies. Apart from aiming at academic growth it also concentrates at improving overall development of students. Students are taught and trained for their bright future. Foundation for events inspires students to move out of the classrooms to enhance technical skills and develop personality through various activities.

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