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Yorex Technologies general curriculum and course content is developed keeping in mind the needs of an evolving market where the requirements of the employers, the industry expectations, technological landscape and customers expectations are constantly changing and becoming more demanding. The syllabus of the foundation subjects and specialization streams are designed as open-architecture that is dynamic and upgrades to the demands of the changing times.

It is a mistake to treat learners as though they were empty vessels that simply need to be filled with knowledge. These learner characteristics pertain not only to the particular subject area of study but, more broadly speaking, to knowledge itself. By helping learners perceive the meaning and relevance of new knowledge in terms of their prior knowledge and experience, educators can enhance learning.

By giving learners a chance to use what they learn in practical situations, educators can help further consolidate their knowledge and prepare them to put their learning to use in real projects.

The same principles apply to evaluation of learner performance, where assessment tools require learners not merely to recall information but to apply what they know by making decisions in situations that closely approximate tentative practice.

The learning environment was highly structured, very competitive, and very clearly designed in terms of grade specific requirements.

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