CakePHP is the most common and most popular frameworks for PHP development. CakePHP provides an architecture for developing, maintaining and deploying applications. It is a system for open source optimization which uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) and helps PHP developers to develop all kinds of web applications from simple to much complex in PHP. It is in great demand and most popular framework all over the world.


a) MVC Pattern - Model support data handling, with model class you can insert, update, delete or read the data from the database. View support data rendering on the screen. Controller process and responds to events and can modify data before it interact with the model (database). With this pattern it's very easy to separate the logic from the presentation, which is very useful for large applications and sites.
b) Zero configuration - In CakePHP there isn't single part of code /configuration/ where you need to specify the location of the library or the url of the site - everything is auto-detect and the only thing you need to care about is the Database connection settings.
c) CRUD scaffolding - CRUD come from Create, Read, Update, Delete - these are the main activities in most of web applications. With this script is very easy to be "produced" all models, controllers and views and after that they could be modified for the specific requirements of the application.
d) Ajax support - There is Ajax helper class in the core lib which you could use in various ways - form submit through Ajax, Event observer or build in Autocomplete.

We Offer the Professional Course in CakePHP for fresher as well as working professionals. We will provide you best quality training in CakePHP. This course is basically for those students who want to became a Web Developer. At the end of the courses, students will be given Live Project Training. By doing this course, one can be employed in Software Development Company or can run their own business through FreeLancing and many other.

Course Detail for CakePHP

Course - CAKEPHP
Duration - 4 Months
Syllabi - CakePHP, Live Project
Classes - 2 Hours Daily Monday - Friday
Timings - 7AM to 9:30 PM
Teaching Methodology - Individual approach to student.

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