The world is becoming more and more connected. Your smartphone can be connected to your toaster or refrigerator and there is no denying it. That is our future. Nobody knows what we can expect in even 5-10 years. We are completely surrounded by technologies that are designed to make our lives better but not everything is so simple.

One such technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT). A range of IoT devices are connected together that need appropriate software development and ultimately they represent a large network. But lets spell it out and discuss this technology in detail.

IoT is based on machine-to-machine (also known as M2M) communication technology and it can provide everyone with a high transparency in almost any field of activity. So what is IoT? Imagine housing and utility services that can forecast and prevent any disruptions in providing those services. Or airlines that remotely monitor and optimize the functionality of planes. Health organizations that offer you treatment according to results of genome analysis in a real-time mode. The opportunities for business are almost unlimited.

Theory of Internet of Things It sounds a bit strange for us. Usually, the Internet means computers, mobile devices, and servers. But Internet of Things refers to all unconventional electronic devices that exchange data via the Internet using a local or wireless network. It can be a consumers electronics like fitness trackers, home appliances like web cameras, voice assistants, refrigerators, coffee makers or washing machines. And even industrial Internet of Things - equipment like robotics, sensors and so on. The main principle of IoT means that everything that can be connected will be connected. Toothbrushes and pans are not even exceptions to the rule.

Why do we need IoT? The ideology of the Internet of Things is oriented on economic growth efficiency at the expense of automation processes in different fields of activities and the elimination of individuals from this process. Today many companies focus on mass segments of IoT in the process of the deployment of IoT projects where the following niches are already conquering the IoT market around the world.

Make our home smarter First, it makes it possible to forget about the fear of whether or not we closed the door or switched off an iron because this information can be stored on our smartphone. IoT application development is not an easy task but today a lot of software development companies can offer this service.

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