Chatbot With Python

In this brief tutorial I’ll walk you through using a popular Python language library to construct a simple chatbot that evaluates and responds to user input. It won’t fool your friends, and for a production system you’ll want to consider one of the existing bot platforms or frameworks, but these examples should help you think through the design and engineering challenges of a conversational UI.

The boundaries of a bot When you begin work on a conversational UI, even a trivial one, you’ll need to answer these fundamental design questions: Domain knowledge: What does a user expect this bot to understand? Personality: What tone or vocabulary does the bot employ?

Domain knowledge True artificial intelligence does not exist, so while some AIs can imitate humans quite convincingly or answer some kinds of factual questions, all bots are restricted to a subset of topics or conversational gambits. IBM's Jeopardy-playing Watson “knew” facts and could construct realistic natural language responses, but it couldn’t schedule your meetings or deliver your groceries. Simpler commercial bots like SlackBot can successfully help users set up their Slack accounts, but aren’t designed to engage you in open-ended dialogue.

Personality Bots have historically been personified as something less than fully human to excuse their rote responses and frustrating lack of comprehension. This can be an opportunity for creativity and playful invention—the first bot I helped design was modelled after a famous parrot—but it can also be a minefield of unexamined assumptions. It’s disappointing that so many bots are personified as female or teenagers, as if those groups were naturally subservient or not fully human. It’s probably better for everyone if your bot is personified simply as itself—a computer program—or something truly non-human. Often the dual axes of domain and personality align: in the program ELIZA, the domain was a therapy session, and the bot’s personality was that of a Rogerian therapist. Domain and personality don’t necessarily need to be tightly coupled, though—an ecommerce bot needs to know about products, sizing, and order status, but that domain doesn’t imply any particular kind of personality. A shopping bot could have the persona of a helpful person, a cheerful kitten, or have no personality at all.

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